Brad Pitt

Brad Pitt  Introduction

William Bradley Pitt is an American Actor and Producer born in Shawnee, Oklahoma on the 18 December 1963. His father owned a trucking company, and his mother was a family counsellor. He went to the University of Missouri School Of Journalism. He always had a passion for acting and eventually quit University to move to Hollywood and follow his dream. This was a bold move filled with high risk, and ups and downs, almost like gambling.

Gambling is not exclusively for the masses. Celebrities also like to try their hands at this past time with many competing as professional gamblers at events like the World Series of Poker ( WSOP ). Brad Pitt was not initially interested in gambling until he starred in the blockbuster movie Oceans 11. He developed a passion for playing various casino games such as Poker, Blackjack and slots while preparing for his role in the movie. Today Pitt is still seen gambling at casinos across the world.


Brad Pitt learnt to play Poker during his role in Oceans 11 when he starred opposite George Clooney. He developed a passion for all types of casino games, and after filming was wrapped up for the day , he would be seen entering the casino to try his hand at the slot and table games.

Wrapping it Up

Even famous people enjoy gambling. Like many of the characters, Pitt has played in gambling movies such as Oceans 11, 12 and 13 and the movie Moneyball which contains lessons about how to win at sports betting which is all about the risk and the rush of big payoffs.

However, unlike many other celebrities, Brad Pitt has never allowed his gambling to become a vice and knows when to stop.

Cameron Diaz

Cameron Diaz  Introduction

Cameron Diaz is a top US actress; however, before becoming a big name in Hollywood, she was a fashion model. This successful and versatile actress is also a brilliant Poker player and enjoys pursuing this passion at her local casino.

Cameron and her Poker Passion

Cameron Diaz was never much of a gambler and was introduced to Ellen DeGeneres’s game when she invited her to her home for a poker game. Diaz had no clue how to play, but after a few rounds, she started winning, which sparked her passion for the popular card game.

Ironically enough, she has also starred in a few movies filmed in casinos. Diaz would often buy chips when filming in a casino and take them to Poker Tournaments. She loves Poker’s strategy and all the money she wins. She has donated to children with cancer and other non-profit organisations.


Cameron Diaz is known for her roles in My Best Friend’s Wedding, Charlies Angels, and two top-rated gambling movies. She had a minor role in the hit “Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas” where she played a TV reporter’s minor role. Furthermore, she also appeared in the 2008 Blockbuster “What Happens in Vegas” alongside Ashton Kutcher. What Happens in Vegas was filmed in the Park MGM casino, which has 102 000 square feet of casino floor. Casino movies have been the basis of many successful movies, and it’s the thrill of the game that keeps viewers glued to their seats. The same applies to gamblers; it’s all about the thrill of winning and beating the dealers.


This leggy blonde’s favourite type of gambling is Poker, in particular Texas Hold ’em. It’s the way she relaxes and is continuously involved in tournaments and competitions. According to experts, she is brilliant, some even believing she may even take the title away from Jennifer Tilly. Moreover, she may soon become one of the famous Gamblers in History.

Ben Affleck

Ben Affleck  Benjamin Géza Affleck-Boldt is an American actor, film director, screenwriter, and producer.

He was born in Berkeley California on the 15 August 1972.

Blackjack and Counting Cards

Ben Affleck started gambling in the early 2000s when he started playing Blackjack and Poker, his two gambling games.

He learnt how to count cards from the early days and had many winning nights at Las Vegas. At one point he was requested by Casino Management to refrain from playing Blackjack at the Hard Rock Hotel in Las Vegas. This after he made $1 million in just two trips. They suspected that he was counting cards and did not appreciate it.

It is not illegal to count cards at casinos, but it is frowned upon, and if casino security notices it, they will generally ask the player to leave.

In 2000 the Oscar winner won $140,000 while playing with his friend Matt Damon and won $800, 000 a year later.

Playing Poker

Ben Affleck is also a regular poker player, and in 2004 he won $356,000 by winning the California State Poker Championship. This also qualified him for the 2004 World Poker Tournament. He has competed in many tournaments but never took home any meaningful cash, despite being trained by poker Pros such as Amir Vahedi and Annie Duke.

He once organized a Hollywood Poker game with celebrities and actors such as Matt Damon, Leonardo DiCaprio, Ron Meyer and Tobey Maguire. Affleck lost $400,000 to Ron Meyer.

He plays for the Adrenaline

Ben Affleck has a net worth of over $75 million, so he does not need to gamble to make money, but some sources say he does it for the adrenaline rush he gets. For example, Once in 2000, he gave away all of his $140,000 chips to the casino staff.

Matt Damon

Matt Damon  Matthew Paige Damon is an American actor, screenwriter and producer.

He was born in Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA on the 8 October 1970.

Learning Poker Skills for his Roles

Matt Damon is a prolific actor who takes his roles very seriously, which results in him doing a lot of behind the scenes preparation before taking on a role.

An example of this is when he landed the lead role in the gambling film Rounders in 1998. Rounders is a movie about card cheating. Whilst preparing for the movie, Matt Damon took lessons from Professional Poker players like Molly Bloom and visited various underground poker clubs. It was at these clubs where he learned how to cheat at a Texas Hold’em Poker table.

He even put his newly acquired skills to practice by playing Poker with his co-star Ed Norton in real life. However, luckily they were just playing for fun money, so avoided being arrested, unlike in the Rounders movie.

World Series of Poker

Matt Damon has always enjoyed playing Texas Hold’em Poker and has attended several World Series Poker events. His best friend and fellow poker player and actor Ben Affleck often accompanies Damon on his trips to Vegas and the World Series of Poker.

During the 1998 World Series of Poker Tournament Damon was eliminated by Doyle Brunson, also known as The Godfather of Poker.

He has also participated in the 2010 World Series of Poker main event, along with Ben Affleck, but did not win anything notable. In some instances, he has lost amounts of $30, 000 and $40,000 playing Texas’s Hold’em Poker, and has mentioned that this is why he sticks to acting instead.


Although Matt Damon still enjoys his poker games, he now only participates in friendly games with his friends and charity tournaments.